INTEREST  ..........colourful fascinating   characters,shipwrecks and surprising visits.


Drunken Hollywood hell raisers revolutionaries, genteel English authors, tragic sunken ships can you find these landmarks on your visit to Kilkee?

​Richard Harris ( Dickie )

Born in Limerick, Richard Harris ,the actor,grew up visiting Kilkee every summer, he is remembered by the locals for excelling at Rackets and chasing pretty girls, later returning with fellow Hollywood actors to go on mammoth drinking and carousing sessions around the town! 

Find his bronze statue at the Pollock Holes where he is immortalised playing Rackets the game he loved. Russel Crowe and Danny De Vito were among the many who came to Kilkee to celebrate his extraordinary and colourful career.

​Che Gevara:

How did a Cuban revolutionary end up in Kilkee? He was fogbound on his way back from a meeting with ………… in Russia with time to spare he hopped in a taxi and asked the driver the best place to visit.

Arriving in Kilkee and enjoying the local hospitality, a local man drew a sketch of this extraordinary striking visitor on the back of a beermat and the legendary image of Che was created. Every year this is celebrated every September with the “Che Do Beatha” festival, when Kilkee turns into Little Havana for the weekend with music and dancing, cigars and rum.

Charlotte Bronte:

Kilkee was immensely popular in Victorian England as a holiday destination for the well to do. Visitors would take the air, parade along the Prominade, and listen to music around the elegant bandstand. Can you find the house where Charlotte Bronte spent her honeymoon?


​Sadly due to its location Kilkee has witness several tragic shipwrecks, you will find memorials to honour those who were victims of the Wild Atlantic seas in several places around Kilkee, a reminder to us all to respect the mighty ocean.