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Row of surf boards

 The Ultimate Irish beach
   see what awaits you in Kilkee

Jump in and enjoy Kilkee the same way the locals have done for years

Kilkee is a traditional Irish seaside family resort, centered around its famous golden sandy horseshoe beach.

Discover the best ways to enjoy Kilkee like the LOCALS 

Dog next to Kilkee cliffs sign
Fishing boat in Kilkee bay

make MEMORIES in Kilkee

When you visit Kilkee this is how you enjoy it the way the locals do and have done so for years!

Look out for a portion of periwinkles and dillisk from the beachfront stalls, and enjoy an ice cream cone outside Rosaries.

Swim in the Pollock holes, and natural clear swimming pools, or join in with the excitement of the horse racing or rugby on the beach. Enjoy the natural beauty year round, there is something for everyone. 

Dive into the details, there is so much to enjoy!

Benches overlooking Kilkee beach

 Experience Kilkee Like the Locals 

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