Planning Essentials for Kilkee 

Casual eating &Cafe Culture 

The Diamond RocksCafe

 Our cafe is located at the beginning of the beautiful Cliff Walk in Kilkee and it overlooks the Pollock Holes.    We serve breakfast, lunch, desserts, teas, coffees, alcohol & are famous for our Irish Coffees.  Our most popular dishes are fish and chips, pizza, seafood chowder and our open sandwiches of crabmeat, prawn and smoked salmon. We are open full time from April 1st until 30th September and weekends all year round.   Looking forward to seeing you! Kevin and Margaret

The Diamond RocksCafe

Imagine sitting here for a lazy brunch or a coffee with your friends........the perfect view.

The PantryCafe

Cafe Delicatessen 

 Established in 1982 by home economics teacher Imelda Bourke, and since then earned a reputation as one of Kilkee’s best food emporia, right in the heart of town. The café is open from Easter to the end of September and offers breakfast from 9am, as well as lunch, soups, salads and sandwiches. All the menus feature local home-made produce and cater for coeliacs.
At the side, the deli caters for all your needs with cakes to die for especially the carrot cake, fish pies, Salads and Fresh Salmon, crab and healthy food for all your parties while holidaying in Kilkee. Imelda supervises all the baking where she starts every morning at 5.30 am.

The Pantry

Cookery School.

Imelda and Maureen run courses throughout the Winter for anyone with an interest in cooking. Don’t worry about your culinary skills; small groups, children's birthday parties, corporate off-site events and closet masterchefs are all welcome at an award-winning school renowned for Imelda's down-to-earth advice and encouragement.

Check out our courses, and you could soon bring a taste of the Pantry to your kitchen.

BERNIES Ice Cream Parlour

Grumpy Mule Coffee

Ice Cream and Coffee, beach ready essentials to set you off for a perfect Kilkee day.

Grumpy Mule Coffee Beans for Coffee with a kick, and a great choice of Ice Creams.


Traditional Fish & Chips

All fish certified sustain-ably sourced, fresh food cooked to order.

Open hours 

Monday - Thursday 5pm-10pm

Saturday & Sunday  1pm-11pm


So good they line up around the block!