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What's the story?

What’s the story? Che Guevara

Any visitor to Kilkee will eventually notice the presence of a certain very famous revolutionary.

There are images of Che Guevara dotted around the town and most obviously on the white walls on the West end of the beach.

What is the story behind this iconic image, and why Kilkee?

In short Che Guevara was flying back to Havana from Moscow in 1961, when the plane had some mechanical problems and became fogbound at Shannon airport. Looking for somewhere to go while he was waiting, a taxi driver suggested he and his two companions visit Kilkee.

During his visit, a young man, working in the Marine Hotel recognised the very famous revolutionary and captured his image, which has since become so iconic and used worldwide.

If you would like to find out what happened directly from the man who met Che Guevara, his name is Jim Fitzpatrick and this is his story.

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