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Paddy's Day Parade.

If your image of a St Patricks day Parade is tickertape floating down gently and in great volume between the skyscrapers of New York then you might like to try an authentic Irish parade instead.

The St Patricks Day parade in Kilkee is as authentic as it gets.

No green beer, no green rivers, no leaping leprechauns, or polished performers will be making an appearance.

What you will find is a real community celebrating their culture, their surroundings and their everyday life. You will see the schoolchildren celebrating their history, the local Whale and Dolphin group raising awareness of the incredible work they do, local farmers in their tractors, the search and rescue crew, publicans musicians and a floats to represent every aspect of life in this small but vibrant community.

The atmosphere is one of pure joy as the parade makes its way through Kilkee and then on to the neighbouring Town of Kilrush to continue the carnival fun. The Towns are buzzing with activity and of course the parade is just the start as the celebrations continue well into the night.

This year Paddy’s Day fall’s on a Friday, no doubt the shenanigans and malarky will spread across the weekend too!

St Patricks Day Parade Kilkee 17th March. Starting at 12.00 p.m. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience authentic unspoilt Ireland before we get notions and start turning everything green!

Enjoy this video from the Paddy's Day Parade in 2022.

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