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See what you can discover in Kilkee

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 JUMP RIGHT IN there is so much to see and do
 A warm Irish welcome to KILKEE

Kilkee is a natural horseshoe bay, on one side you find the Pollock Holes, incredibly beautiful natural swimming pools surrounded by a reef with ever changing waves, on the opposite side is Georges Head, another spectacular vantage point looking out across Bishops Island and the Loophead Peninsula. In between is the stunning expanse of golden sand that stretches out to create the famous horseshoe shaped beach.

A mecca for adventure, Kilkee attracts  scuba divers from all over the world, to enjoy the crystal-clear waters and marine life. Up above the bay  the Kilkee Cliff walk is an absolute must for any visitor and a regular ritual for many locals, who reward themselves after their walk, or a dip in the Pollock Holes with a relaxing bite to eat at The Diamond Rocks Café overlooking the view stretching as far as the Aran islands and Connemara on a clear day.

 Your Irish seaside town introduction
introducing KILKEE find your way around.
Make yourself at home in our authentic Irish seaside town. To get the lay of the land enjoy and explore the facilities.

Whether its a day trip, a family holiday, a long weekend or a stop along the Wild Atlantic Way, no matter what adventure you choose, you are sure to make lifelong memories in Kilkee.

enjoy KILKEE like a local

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