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SubAqua Club

Kilkee Subaqua Club

A member club of Comhairle Fo Thuinn (Irish Underwater Council)

The club is now beginning its 30th year since coming together in autumn 1982 as a non-profit organisation. The Pool Training Programme in Snorkel & Scuba skills runs for the winter and earlyspring months in Shannon Town Pool on Monday nights from 8 p.m. All are welcome to try asession before committing to membership*.

This is a 100 mile round trip from Kilkee and attending is a huge commitment for our West Clare based members. We also accept divers from other codes, who do a brief conversion course. We have about 25 members from West Clare and elsewhere.

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    The Club is a voluntary organization, which promotes the sport of SCUBA DIVING here. WeTRAIN members in SCUBA and SNORKELLING. All members including the instructors, pay thesame fees. We provide a boat for SCUBA DIVING, a compressor for filling air bottles and havesome equipment for training purposes. We run courses and tests from time to time under theauspices of the regulating body. Safety is a priority in both training and recreational diving.

    Kilkee is one of the premier dive locations on the Irish coast, where good dive sites are available within easy reach of the launch area. No further than the mouth of the bay are a number of excellent sites including Middle Rock, Georges Head and Myles Creek, while other delightful places such as The Blue Pool, Murragha, Biraghty Mór and Oileán na Bátha are a short trip Northwards. And to the South are such delights as the Diamond Rocks, Bishop’s Island and Goleen Bay and others stretching on to Loop Head. The rock geology of the coastline here greatly helps the formation of interesting underwater terrain to match the stunning cliffs visible above, with many caves and nooks for fish life. The temperate water here supports a good variety of fish and plant life and the variety of terrain from shallow to deep adds visual interest to this mind enhancing though physical sport.

    We’re constantly in the process of replacing Club equipment, so fundraising and finances arealways high on the agenda and we have never made a profit. We are not a trading entity in anysense and see ourselves as a community group. We seek new members each year to counter the natural erosion due to age, family concerns et cetera and try to promote an ethos of cooperation amongst participating members both underwater (where it is essential) and on land. Our mainfocus is the West Clare Area, but we accept members from outside too, which helps to broaden attitudes. We also cooperate with a number of other CFT clubs in the region in sharing outings and training from time to time, while maintaining our own individuality as a Club.

    The small Search & Recovery element in the Club are occasionally in action in search andrecovery for marine accidents and have recovered a number of bodies over recent years as a voluntary service. In this we cooperate with our colleagues in the Kilkee Marine Rescue Service. This is excellent, where cooperation exists between the various groups using and serving the coastin the area. Long may it last - it’s the only way for a small community, where too often in the past, minor rivalries hindered our progress.

    The 2011/2 COMMITTEE are Anthony Malone, Chairman; Declan Loughrey, Secretary; Mary Stanford, Treasurer; Philip Walker, PRO; Eibhir Mulqueen, Diving Officer; Noel Gleeson, Training;Gerard Haugh, Equipment; Robert Tweedy, Jackie McGrath, Jeroen Bos, Darragh Fahy - Committee Members.

    * Free trial pool dives are in Nov./Dec. only, when pool course begin.

    Photos by: Eibhir Mulqueen & Robert Tweedy