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The famed “Tivoli Cup” is an emblem of a long-running "racquets" competition that is played against the plastered white walls on Kilkee beach - a game unique to the seaside town. Hell raising film star Richard Harris won the trophy four times in a row (1948-1951), a record that still stands. A statue was unveiled in honour of Harris and his racquets exploits in recent years in Kilkee.

Tom Byrne has more about the history here:

We revived the tournament in the 3 years. It was ran in 2011, 2010 and 2009. Winners were Mark Fitzpatrick and Marc De Courcey in 2011 and 2010 and Trevor Whelan and Ronan McDonagh in 2009. The people who have run the tournament the last few years are Alan Owens, Sean Murray, Ronan McDonagh, Mark Fitzpatrick, Marc De Courcey and Trevor Whelan, all from Limerick.

We'd be happy for someone from Kilkee to take up the mantel for 2012. It should be run by locals in my own view. We always felt a bit like outsides coming in running it but no one else would. Manuel was happy to help but the donkey work needs to be done by someone.