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Strand Races

Official Race Card for Kilkee Strand Races Races August 1946

The Strand races are one of the most colourful attractions in Kilkee. These horse races are still held on the beach at Kilkee and have proved very popular over the years with locals and visitors alike. There is a long history of races in the area including the 19th century races on the sandhills and on the land to the east of the town, near the present golf course. The strand races were usually held over two days in September, normally on a Wednesday and Thursday with Wednesday being a half-day in Kilkee and Thursday a half-day in Kilrush. Poles were used to create courses and the horses raced across the sand when the tide was out. The judges were driven down O'Connell street and O'Curry street to the judging stand on the strand. The races attracted large crowds that culminated with a prize giving ceremony at the Courthouse. A dance was usually held on the first night of the races at Moore's Hotel.

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